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Sunday, July 26 2009

Little trips to come

I think I've never talked to you about anywhere else in France then Paris, right ? I did talked to you about the main train stations in the town, but not quite about where you can go from there, and I think it's the right time to do so :) For this first "out of Paris" post I won't go very far as I'll stick to France (no Europe overview yet ;) ), so don't be too afraid to get lost ;)

Vendee - Region of France The first place I'll introduce : Vendée. "Vendée" is a costal region of the West of France you can see in red on the map beside (Paris being in the middle of the green dot, if you've forgotten). The two main reasons you would want to go there (in my opinion) are : historical monuments and beaches.

In fact, those are two of the reasons I'm going to spend a weekend there next week :) !!! Me and 3 friends of mine are leaving Paris (by car) at around 6pm, and should arrive there before midnight to be ready to enjoy the "puy du fou" and the beaches for the whole weekend ! I know, you're wondering what the "puy du fou" is, don't worry I'll explain : it's kind of a park which theme is the history of this region of France, so if you like middle-age, kings, knights, vikings, and peons, you'd like to go there (sometimes it's cool to live in an old country ;) ! ). After a whole day at the "puy du fou", we'll spend the second one at the beach I think, and we'll then drive back to Paris before the end of the weekend :)

Vendee - What I'll see there

It will definitely be a busy weekend, and I'll have to really get motivated to wake up on the following monday and go to work but it'll be cool to have a "beach break" with friends :) ...and after all it's not going to be my "real" holidays : I'm going to a special place of Brittany in august for 5 days, and to a town in the south of France for 3 days...but that's other stories (soon to come on this blog ;) )

Friday, June 5 2009

Hotels in Paris

Hotel As I promised : here's a little post about how much a hotel may cost you if you plan a trip to Paris :) You'll see the cheapest ones (and were you should avoid going anyway), the average ones (which are usually good spots, where you'll have a good quality for the price you pay), and of course a quick tour of the "upper class" hotels without which Paris would not be Paris ;) !

The cheapest

Before I really starts lets make it clear : by "the cheapest" I mean "the cheapest hotels", you can find places where to sleep for fewer bucks, but those are no more hotels but hostels ("backpackers" for our Australian friends ;) ).

In France the most famous brand in the "cheapest hostel" industry is "Formule 1". As it is a famous brand you're sure it's cheap but clean. Only problem : they are "cheap" oriented, and because of the real-estate average price in Paris they have no hotels within the city so you'll have to be around Paris, not in it (no big deal, there are still public transports and others easy ways of reaching the center of the town). So, the price for this : it starts between 38€ ($53) and 48€ ($68) for a night. I checked other cheap hotels, they are in the same range of price (but some are in the inner-city)

To sum it up : A cheap night is worse a little more than 42€ (around $60)

The average

If you plan to go to Paris with your beloved one you might want a bit more than "the cheapest decent hotel in Paris", so let's have a look at what's more average :) I know two major brands for "average" hotels : Ibis, and Mercure (in fact those used to be two different brands but now that's the same big firm...well we don't care, the brands are still here!).

What you need to know is that "Mercure" is upper class then "Ibis". Knowing this you won't be to much surprised when I tell you that you can find Mercure hotels in the very center of Paris, but no Ibis ones (make no mistake : you can find Ibis hotels in Paris, not like Formule1, but they are not located in the very center of it, that's all). As I told you those are average hotels (meaning two and three stars) so they're more expensive than the "cheapest hotels" we just saw earlier (which are barely one star) : count between 60€ ($89) and 90€ ($127) for Ibis, and between 110€ ($155) and 200€ ($283) for Mercure. As a matter of localisation : Mercure can be found everywhere (even in the very center as I told you), and Ibis are everywhere but in the center. Both are usually in cool spots you'd like to hang out :)

To sum it up : An average hotel night is worse 75€ ($106) for a two stars hotel or 150€ ($212) for a three stars one.

The upper class

And now : the upper class ! But let me warn you already. I'll be very brief (and incomplete) on this topic for two reasons :

  • I don't know a lot about those hotels (I'm not that rich :p )
  • It may be a good idea for a future complete post ;)

So, let's just talk about a couple of "upper class" hotels

First the Crillon. Very nice hotel, 770€ ($1090) for a night. To give you an idea of the spirit of this hotel let me tell you that for events such as the return in France of the national soccer team (world champion in 98 :p ) the private party takes place there :)

Then the Georges V, near the Champs Elysés, starting at 730€ for a night.

One I can't skip : "Le Bristol" starting at 750€ for a night

The famous Plaza Athénée, even if they did not dare putting the price on their website (and I did not dare calling to ask ;) )

And now, even if there are many more of them (after all : Paris needs room to supply shelter to the celebrity herd that rush into the town from time to time) I'll stop here. Maybe there'll be more in a coming post ^_^ !

Thursday, April 30 2009

Cute girls in Paris, but where ?

Cute Girl As I told you a handful of weeks ago : spring's coming in Paris. Among the many things I love about Paris in spring & summer time are the sun (the town's even more gorgeous under the sun), the birds (I like to hear them twitter ;) ), the trees becoming green again, and beautiful women everywhere ! Well...everywhere, that's true, but one have to say that there are still some places where you can find a lot more of them than anywhere else, and as I'm definitely a generous guy I decided I'll share my spots with you ;)

I made my first "beautiful girls map" years ago with the help of friends, and now when I look back it I realize I've terribly grown up : many of the spots we marked are excellent spots to pick up chicks...18 yrs old chick :( ! So I updated the map during the past weeks, with the help of Sun's come back, and I will share the two maps with you, so that, whatever age you may be, you'll find what you're looking for ;) !

Of course this map's not exhaustive, and I did not take tourist girls into account (maybe I should have...but with a third category the map would have became hard to read, and if you're looking for places the sexy tourist girls may be just check the must see spots :) ). Well, enought talking, here comes the goods :

Cute chicks in Paris !

Sunday, March 22 2009

Spring's coming in Paris !

Spring in parisWinter's gone ! The sun's been shinning for a whole week now in Paris, and even if it's just the beginning of spring and if some gloomy days are still to come : it's already great to have such a weather :)

It all started a week ago : the sun was shinning when I woke up...weird. I had my breakfast as usual, got a shower as usual, suited up as usual, and got out of my flat to go to work as usual...I noticed the second weird thing as soon as I had one foot outside the building : the temperature was nothing close to cold, watching a digital pharmacy sign I learned it was higher than 10°C (50°F)...nice :) ! Temperature

The day after that, same scenario...and one additional great spring features : skirts :) !!! I saw ladies wearing skirts from time to time as I walked in the town...smells like summer's coming :) ! To tell you the truth I even started again to lunch outside, in a little park, just to enjoy the sun and the pleasant show of people passing by with a smile on their face. Maybe I may even start again to take pictures of my beloved town and post them here ;) ...I guess I surely will :) (so keep tuned ;) ).

Seine river

Saturday, October 4 2008

My shops

Cart Damn...I just noticed that my favorite RPG shop was closed :( ...hopefully it's just to repaint the walls and stuff, and not a definitive closure. And realising this, as I was standing in the middle of the street in front of a closed shop I thought : I haven't talked to you, yet, about shopping in Paris :) And that's a BIG mistake !

So I think I may soon create a new category : shopping (because I think "tourist" does not fit that well). Shopping is, indeed, something you must not miss if going to Paris ! If you do not know : Paris has ones of the biggest (and most expensive :( ) fashion shop of the world :) (I do not do my shopping in those places, but still can talk to you about them ;) ). So keep an eye on the blog, I'll soon had articles about shops I like (and maybe shops I do not like). Clothes shop, book shops, souvenir shops, ...

Just to give a little tease, here are some pictures, to watch while you wait for the articles ;)

Louis Vuiton store Louis Vuiton store, on the Champs Elysees

Rivoli street Rivoli street, going all the way from the Louvres to the city hall (I may replace this picture with a prettier one if I have the time to go there today, because on this one you do not see that it really stuffed with clothes shops :) )

Gibert - Book Store Gibert book shop, in the Latin quarter (I already talked about this area)

many more to come, check the RSS :)

Saturday, September 27 2008

How do I get home now ?

I I often talk to you about good spots in Paris you should go at night but I haven't yet told you how you can go back to your hotel once the normal bus & tube service is over. It's high time to tell you more about this :) !

The first to be shut down are the buses (at about 23h there are no more of them), then at about 1am the metro's shut down too...So how are you going to get home ? You've got 4 big solutions :

Use your feet

Paris at night is quite secured (except for some areas in the North, but anyway it's far from the touristic places ^^) so you can walk home. The only issue is that you may get lost if you don't know Paris, and you won't find many friendly sober Parisian to guide you at this hour so be sure to know where you are going before leaving the pub, and be sure to have a map in your pocket :)


Paris is a touristic town, you will have no problem finding taxis to go back home ( fact you may have problems getting one around 1am because a lot of people want to get back home at the very same moment, but you'll always end up getting one :)). Paris is not a very large city, so do not be afraid to take a taxi, you won't be overcharged.


What's a "noctilien" ? It's the name of the night buses :) ! I told you that buses are the first public transports to be shut down at dawn, but that's for the regular lines. Other lines of buses starts at around 2am all over Paris :) Check the maps before going out though because the lines are different during day time and at night, so reaching a club from your hotel with a bus at 10pm does not mean you'll be able to go back to your hotel directly by bus at 5am ;) (you may have to change bus once or twice before reaching your goal)


Velib's are, basically, public bikes :) ! Very useful to get back home at night (if you know the way)...Watch out : they're free of charge only if you use them for less than 30mn, so don't get lost on your way or you'll have to pay a little something :) (by the way : you must have your credit card to take one, they're self service, but a credit card's required). Of course at night be very careful while riding a bike : don't forget that cars might not see you.

Monday, September 15 2008

Wanna ride a rollercoaster ?

Roller Coaster The main interest of Paris is, of course, nice monuments and a romantic atmosphere but I you feel like riding a roller coaster you can two. There are some big parks around Paris, very easy to reach (even without a car) and I bet you know only one of them ;) Don't worry I'll tell you about the others !



This is the one you may already known (at least you should know its name). Disneyland is one of the two most well known parks in the area of Paris. It's very easy to reach as it basically has it's own subway station (take the underground "RER A", 35mn from the very center of Paris you're at the gates of Disneyland !!). As far as I know they even used to sell tickets including the park entrance and the RER ticket :) Let's talk money by the way : it's about 50euros a day per person (of course it's "around" this, I'm not going to sum up here all their offers, if you want a complete sheet, check the official site ). The main characteristics you should remember are : it's easy to reach without a car, it's Disney (so kids will love it), and the only drawback is that some may find it a bit too much kid-oriented.

Parc Asterix

Asterix Park

I bet you do not know this one yet :) ! It's the other one of the two most known parks around Paris (it's a draw with Disneyland). Maybe you already know who Asterix is ? If not : Asterix is a cartoon character, a French cartoon character, known worldwide. He lives at the time when the Roman empire had vanquished almost all Europe (but not his little village :) ) and he is damn funny ^^ ! What are the differences between Asterix park and Disneyland will you ask ? The first one is how you'll go there. To go to the Asterix park you have to have your own car, or to take the special bus that takes you from the center of Paris directly to the park. It's still very easy, but a bit less than going to Disneyland. Second major difference : insane roller coasters :) There are many things for kids, but they did not forget the adults (what Disneyland seems to have done sometimes). I highly recommend you the "Tonnerre de Zeus" which is supposed to be the highest/fastest/scariest roller coaster of the park :) ! And finally the best difference : it's cheaper than Disneyland (around 40 euros). To be honest with you, although in my heart it's a draw between the two parks (Disney and Asterix), if Asterix park had a subway station two, it would be my favorite one ;) ! Check their website for yourself to find pieces of information I would not have given you here :)

The "Foire du Trone"

Foire du trone

And finally the "Foire du Trone". Watch out : this one is not a park (i.e. : you'll pay for every attraction you'll do and not just one big fee at the entrance). It's quite known in Paris, as far as I know it's very very easy to go there (even more thant to Disneyland, I guess it's closer to the center of Paris). The only little problem is that I've never been there, so I can not really talk to you about go and try it (only advice I can give you : be careful, some say that there are many pickpockets around there). Check the official site for yourself if you want to know more :)

As a conclusion I'd say that you really should go to one of the two big parks if you are around for more than a week, but do not forget that in parks food is always very expensive, so it may be a good idea to bring your own sandwiches (and if you want to warm up your sandwich making skills before you go, why not go to some good pick nick spots in paris some day before ?)

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