TavernAs you should know by now there are many pubs and "cafés" in Paris. Some even say there are more than one for each Parisian ;) But yet I haven't talked to you about any of them in Particular. I shall then start by one of my favorite night pub : The "HideOut Odéon" !

First of all its location : 32 rue Dauphine (Dauphine street) in the 6th quarter of Paris. If you remember well what I learned you in the previous posts you should know it's not far from the Latin Quarter (a great area to party) as it's in the 6th quarter. What you may not know is that it's near the river Seine, near the "Pont Neuf" bridge (one of the coolest bridge in Paris according to me), and near "Notre Dame" cathedrale (quite nice to see at night). So to say the least : it's very well located. Moreover it's easy to reach as there are two different lines of métro going there : 4 and 10 (station "Odéon" )

Now the pub itself ! It's a pub, and people are here to have fun and party together, therefore : the music is loud, and you should expect to meet new people :) About the music it's just what you listen at home :) ! Seriously ! Well...as long as you are French ;) If you're not French you may hear a couple of songs you don't know, but don't worry, there are still a lot of ACDC, Rolling Stones, ... What about the drinks will you tell me ? I strongly advise you to take beers :) ! The HideOut really looks like a pub, or an old tavern, so beers are definitely the good choice :) (and the cheapest choice, they have 50cl beers at only 3,50€ !!!). If you are such an alcohol lover that beers are too light for, you no problem : they have cocktails (may I suggest rum based cocktails ?)

So, here's the summing up : well located, good ambiance, cheap beverage, good music...All good :) ! Well, not exactly all good. There are some minors drawbacks. The worst of all : it's damn warm in there :( The place is quite small, and often almost crowded, so it's really hot...Second drawback : the music is cool, but loud (as I told you earlier), so you may have troubles speaking with your friends (the ones you went there with, and the ones you'll meet there ;) ). Put aside those drawbacks I highly recommend it (and last bonus point, for smokers : there is a room at the back of the pub for smokers, so you don't have to go smoking outside like in every other pub in Paris, highly appreciable when it's rainy :) )