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Thursday, July 1 2010

Soccer World Cup

Sport The French soccer team has been eliminated from the World Cup in South Africa last week... After another defeat against the host nation our team, coached by Raymond Domenech, came home dead last in the group A and that's not the worst part of it. In fact I don't know what's the worst part of it : having one of our good players (Nicolas Anelka) excluded from the team for having insulted the coach in private ? having the team refusing to perform their daily training session to protest against this exclusion ? having our coach refusing to shake hands with the oposite team's coah at the end of the last match ? seeing our national team playing the worst soccer ever whereas all the players are individually good ?...I don't know.

But I do know what's good about all this (there's always hope !) : After six loooooong years Raymond Domenech is finally fired and will never ever coach our national team again !!! Maybe the French team'll start playing soccer again now. Moreover having our team eliminated from this world cup brings a second little piece of joy : I don't have to hear vuvuzelas anymore :-D !

Friday, September 5 2008

Wanna see some sport ?

SportWhen you visit some town you may want to go and see a match of the local sport team. It's sometime a good way to discover nice pieces of architecture (stadiums) while having some fun and feeling the atmosphere of the true local fans...but do you know the local sport teams in Paris ?

If you're american I bet you'd have said "No, but there must be a basketball team, a baseball team, and maybe a footbal team". Although there are (maybe...) these are not the most popular teams at all !! The most popular sport team is the soccer team, the "Paris Saint Germain" (check for "PSG" :) ). They had quite hard times during the past three years but it's still the team with the more fans in Paris. I must warn you thought : there's also a lot of people who hate the team, and not every match are good to go and see with kids (especially match against the team from Marseille because some supporters from both teams love to fight against each others...never understood why but that's a fact) Parc des Princes PSG logo

Therefore if you plan to go see some sport without the risk of being lost in the middle of a bersek crowd I highly recommand you the rugby team. The "stade français" is very popular, fans are usually very friendly, and the chances you attend a victory are quite high ;) If you have no idea what rugby is about let's say it's a bit like footbal :)

Stade Francais disclaimer : this picture's not been taken in their home stadium but in the bigger Stade de France. As you guessed : their color's pink !

If you don't like soccer nor rugby you may want to try the handball team or the basketball team, but to be honnest I have no idea what's their name (I barely know that the handball team's supposed to be quite good). So do not expect to see a crowded stadium attending matches of those teams :)

By the way I did not tell you where you may attend the matches :) You might have eard about the "Stade de France" which is a big stadium in the North of Paris, but there are almost no matches there. The soccer team plays in the "Parc des Princes" in the West of Paris. The rugby team plays nearby I think, but I don't know exactly where. The basketball team and handball team play...somewhere :)

Last advices : some matches are quite different from the usual ones and if you are in Paris at the time of one and you love sport you really should try to see it. Which match for example ? European range matches ! For soccer there's the UEFA Cup, and the very prestigious Champion's League. Honestly I think that the Champion's League is the highest level of soccer in the world, so don't hesitate if you want to see nice games :) For rugby there are also European range cups, but (shame on me) I have no idea of their name.

But maybe you intend to actually do some sport while in Paris rather than just watch some ? I'll think about it and maybe post something about places where you can do sports (such as jogging, roller, etc.). So keep an eye on the blog ;)