Olympics FlagNow that the Olympics are over, I'd like to have my word on it :) I noticed two things that I'd really like to have your view on (two things that are not pure sport, as you may guess seeing this post is in the "politics" category ...)
Firstly one thing surprised me : The official way of ranking countries is by gold medals (at least I've always known this one, and this is the one I found in every official documents, even the ones from 2000 that I've been digging to find just to check if it was not new).

Just to emphasize what I say here are the ranking from the official Olympics website, and one from a french TV website :

Official Ranking

French Ranking

But, I found that on American medias, that's the total number of medals won that's used for the ranking :

CNN ranking

This one's from the CNN website, you may double check if you don't trust me ;)

So I was wondering : Have the US always count that way, or is that just a happy unrelated decision to start ranking this way the very year were it helps changing a very good rank of #2 to a great rank of #1 ;) ? I personally don't know and that's why I ask (I've been digging the CNN website, but all I could found was a dynamic page from the 2004 Olympics with no default ranking, and you have to choose yourself between total or gold for the ranking...useless)

The second thing I'd like to have my say about is....cheating :) If you lurk a bit on the web you know for sure by know that the Chinese team of Gymnastic cheated on the age of some of their athletes ( have a look at this article , or this one from the times , ...) but what surprised me was not that they cheated, it was that we never heard about it on the French TV and that the CIO just decided to play the fool and basically said "We checked the Chinese passport : it says she's old enough" (No way ! To check if the Chinese government cheat I do not agree with the fact that the best way is to go, ask them, and of course be happy with the answer as they say "no we do not cheat, don't you see this brand new official passport ?" ). I guess that politically (or economically) we had to shut up...but well, I was still surprised when I learned it :) Anyhow : have your say ! Leave a comment saying which country you're from and whether or not you've heard about this issue on official media :)