Sunset As you may have noticed the past week was quite poor in terms of blogging for me. The reasons are numerous but one of them may interest you : it's too damn hot to blog...and I'm not yet on holidays so it's even hotter because I'm suited up all day at work :( !

Just to give you some landmarks what I call "too hot to blog" in Paris is 30°C (around 86°F), even if it's a temperature we reach every summer I'm still not used to it here in town (as much as I love Paris when it's 30°C I'd rather be on the beach..and/or eating ice cream ;) !). So let me apologize one last time for not having blogged lately, I'll post more in the coming days as my others reasons not to blog vanishes (at least I hope they will ^_^ !).

And to conclude this very small post : Rest In Peace Michael Jackson :(