Cart Damn...I just noticed that my favorite RPG shop was closed :( ...hopefully it's just to repaint the walls and stuff, and not a definitive closure. And realising this, as I was standing in the middle of the street in front of a closed shop I thought : I haven't talked to you, yet, about shopping in Paris :) And that's a BIG mistake !

So I think I may soon create a new category : shopping (because I think "tourist" does not fit that well). Shopping is, indeed, something you must not miss if going to Paris ! If you do not know : Paris has ones of the biggest (and most expensive :( ) fashion shop of the world :) (I do not do my shopping in those places, but still can talk to you about them ;) ). So keep an eye on the blog, I'll soon had articles about shops I like (and maybe shops I do not like). Clothes shop, book shops, souvenir shops, ...

Just to give a little tease, here are some pictures, to watch while you wait for the articles ;)

Louis Vuiton store Louis Vuiton store, on the Champs Elysees

Rivoli street Rivoli street, going all the way from the Louvres to the city hall (I may replace this picture with a prettier one if I have the time to go there today, because on this one you do not see that it really stuffed with clothes shops :) )

Gibert - Book Store Gibert book shop, in the Latin quarter (I already talked about this area)

many more to come, check the RSS :)