FireworksYesterday night I've been partying a bit with friends, and looking at my blog this morning I thought "hey, there's nothing about partying in Paris yet" so here it comes : a little post about an area in Paris where you can have a great fun :D It's a very well known neighborhood in Paris called "Le Marais" (literally "The Swamp", but make no mistake it stopped being a real one centuries ago :) ).

What's special about Le Marais ? Basically you'll find old small streets and some old houses that used to be owned by nobles...that's for the architecture. What kind of people will you find there ? Well to answer this one I'll just quote one of my best friends (who lives nearby) "welcome in Le Marais, here you'll find gay people, rich people, and jew people. Everything at the same time if possible". You've guessed it La Marais is the most gay/gay-friendly area in Paris, and who says gay says partyyyyyy :D (but don't be afraid : if you're not gay you're very welcome anyhow, as long as there are more men then women in your group ;) ) !

There are many bars, many clubs, and many restaurants all those places crowded with friendly people.

You can also visit the area during day time, then you can sightsee the great architecture, hang out in cool clothes shops, or eat a little something you buy in one of the many bakeries over there.

Oh by the way, I was about to forget telling you where it is :D ! Here's a map :

Le Marais

See the redish area near the center ? That's it :) Moreover it's close to the city hall and to Notre Dame (just in case you don't like the atmosphere you can always fail over one of those two :) ) And if you're afraid of getting lost take the tube (line 1) and get out at station "Saint Paul - Le Marais" you'll be right in the center of it.