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Wednesday, June 10 2009

After the Jolly Roger

Pirate Party Last weekend where the elections for the European Parliament. I'll spoil the results right now : the conservatives globally won. Now that this is spoiled I can talk about the funny thing I had in mind when writing the title of this article : what happened in Sweden :)

The Pirate Party ("Piratpartiet" in swedish), which is a Swedish political party vaguely related to the Pirate Bay and to cyberpiracy in general, had enough votes to send a deputy to the European Parliament !!! Sounds crazy, don't you think :) ?! Crazy but true : they do have a seat.

This party got arount 7% of the votes in Sweden , and is the first party among voters younger than 30. Funny thing : you can't tell if this party is right of left wing as they have absolutely no program for anything else than :

  • reforming copyrights law
  • protect privacy (both online and in everyday life)
  • improve transparency in the state administration.

And do you know the more astonishing about it ;) ? It's that nobody talks about it in the traditional media in France. You can find articles about it everywhere online, but turn on your french TV to see the news : all that you'll hear about the elections is that the right wing won and the left wing lost hard...Maybe we should see there a political will to deny the existence of "piracy" in the internet...shameful :(

PS : the title "after the jolly roger" refers to the fact that after having used a jolly roger for some times the Pirate Bay adopted a stylized "P" that the Pirate Party adopted just after, you can see it at the top of this article ;)

Tuesday, April 7 2009

Ludicrous !

shadockI apologize for this post, because it will certainly not be very interesting to you, but I do feel the need to write it ! Last Thursday the parliement voted a new french law called HADOPI, and this law sux

To summarize the thing : this law says that private firms will have the right to track down french people who illegally download musics and films, those firms will have the right to demand the name behind any IP address which they suspect of illegal download (as long as it's a French IP, don't worry foreign friends ;) ). Then, those private firms will have the right to send a warning e-mail to the concerned person. If this person's caught again it's a paper letter that is sent, and if they are caught again they have their internet access shut down for a year (or so)...Yes, it is fucking stupid.

  • Cracking a WEP protected wifi network can be done by my 7 months old nephew...hard luck for his neighbors, they might have their internet connection doomed by the law (and let's not even talk about open wifi networks...)
  • To track down p2p traffic the firms providing internet connection will have to invest in their infrastructure for better performances, therefore they'll raise their prices (yeahh, I love the idea of paying more for my internet connection in order to finance this whole shit)
  • What will they do if we just crypt our downloads :) ?...maybe some magic trick I guess...or maybe they are just to damn stupid for having thought about ir !
  • How the hell will they track down non-p2p download ? Oh yeah : either they can't, or they'll ask for the listing of every website we we're not China for god sake !
  • In France it is legal to make a private backup of any film or music you legally buy. But how will they know, seeing me downloading a song, if I have legally bought the CD or not ? Because if I have bought it, it's legal for me to download a backup of it you know...Answer : they don't give a shit about it, we will now be presumed guilty (nice isn't it ?)

And do you know the more frustrating about all this ? The thing that really pisses me off ? It's that the population knows, since the beginning, that this law is a piece of shit, and there've been demonstrations, petitions, and associations created just to denounce it...but the big firms who want this law to pass were stronger (well, at least they pay more) so this law was finally voted at the 11pm, by the 16 deputies which were not in there bed at that time (they are supposed to be more than 500 in this parliement !!!...They just were not warned that the vote was planned this day by the government..... at 11pm......bastards !)

Well, it's time for me to apologise for this borring article...but I really needed to write it down :) It cools me down ^^ ...Time to go to bed now (I hope they'll not vote allegiance to Russia while I'm in bed ;) )