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Sunday, June 28 2009

Too hot to blog

Sunset As you may have noticed the past week was quite poor in terms of blogging for me. The reasons are numerous but one of them may interest you : it's too damn hot to blog...and I'm not yet on holidays so it's even hotter because I'm suited up all day at work :( !

Just to give you some landmarks what I call "too hot to blog" in Paris is 30°C (around 86°F), even if it's a temperature we reach every summer I'm still not used to it here in town (as much as I love Paris when it's 30°C I'd rather be on the beach..and/or eating ice cream ;) !). So let me apologize one last time for not having blogged lately, I'll post more in the coming days as my others reasons not to blog vanishes (at least I hope they will ^_^ !).

And to conclude this very small post : Rest In Peace Michael Jackson :(

Friday, October 10 2008

Ice cream anybody ?

Ice Cream I know winter's coming but, at least in Paris, the weather's still warm enough for me to eat an ice cream while walking around the town. But where do I buy ice cream in Paris ;) ? I guess some spots are the same worldwide, but maybe not all of them so I'll tell you my spots :D

To start with something you may know (so you don't feel too lost ;) ) let's name a worldwide brand : McDonald's ! I already told you there where a lot of McDonald's in Paris, and that's all spots where you can have a little McFlurry :) (my favorite one's with crunch :D ) Mc Flurry

Second tip about where to find ice cream : Ben&Jerry !! There are quite a few shops in Paris, but it's worth seeking them. I simply do love their ice creams ^^ ! Ben & Jerry

Third tip : Häagen-Dazs :) It's the most famous ice cream brand in France, it's fucking tasty, you'll find shops easily, but it's a bit expensive :( Anyway if you want to eat a good ice cream (especially if you want to seat at a table while eating) ask for the nearest Häagen-Dazs. Haagen Dazs

Fourth tip : Amorino. It's relatively new, but it's definitely the rising brand for ice cream. There's always a huge queue in those shops, I guess that's because the ice creams very good there (at least, that's why my friends say). And bonus point : there are many shops, so just like for Häagen-Dazs you can ask anybody in the street for the nearest Amorino you'll certainly end up with the good direction and a shop close to you :) Amorino Shop

Fifth tip : fifth tip. There are no more places I know where you can buy good ice creams...but I does not matter : with the four first, you have way enough to become fat ;) !

If you have any other spots tell me I'll had them :) But for now this post's over as you have enough tips to know how you'll conclude your little pick nick : with a nice ice cream :D !