CameraLet's assume you decided to go and visit Paris (good idea :) ), what must you see ? Lucky you, I'm going to answer this question ;) But make no mistake, I'm going on this post only to show you the "must see", all the less known places won't be here (I keep them for later posts ;) )

Eiffel Tower First of all the Eiffel Tower. You really have to see it, and you have to visit it (go on the last floor, the view's really worth it !), but I warn you : you'll have to face a usually very long queue before being able to visit :( By the way you'll notice a lot of guys selling little Eiffel Towers around this place : do not hesitate to negotiate the price, they're selling those illegally about 100 times the price they bought it (well, there's just "tourist hunting", you know the deal :D )

Arc de Triomphe Second one (not that far from the Eiffel Tower) the "Arc de Triomphe" (for the little story during the age of kings when the army came back from war if they had won the walked under the arch, if they had lost the battle they had to bypass it.) It's a must see for two reasons : firstly because it's pretty, secondly because it's a one of the extremity of the "Champs Elysées" (which is supposed to be the most beautifull avenue in the world ;) ). By the way the "Champs Elysées" is a must-see two ! Every luxury brand have to own a shop on this avenue (if not, they're not a luxury brand anymore :D ), it' really worth seeing it.

Notre Dame Fourth must-see "Notre Dame Cathedral". It's a really nice piece of architecture and it's so attached to Paris. There's even a great book called "Notre Dame de Paris" (which became a movie which became a musical :) ). Moreover it's the legal center of Paris :D You can actually see in front of the cathedral a little round piece of metal on the floor (about 40cm wide) with "Point Zéro des routes de France" on it which means "Point zero for every road in France". Don't hesitate to visit this one again, it's just beautiful :)

Latin Quarter Fifth must-see the "Latin Quarter" (lucky you, it's just beside Notre Dame). It's the quarter where students get together, a lot of prestigious universities are here and it kept the atmosphere of the "old Paris". You can't miss this quarter it's always crowded with tourist during day time and double crowded with tourists and Parisian at night ;) (and of courses there are hundreds of café :) )

Well, having seen those you may come back to your home country without being ashamed of missing "something huge", but if I were you I wouldn't just visit those ones, I'll go to the Luxembourg Garden, the area around Chatelet, the Conciergerie, the Opera, the Marais, etc. Don't worry, I'll cover those places in forthcoming posts (such as this one where I talk a bit about the luxembourg garden) !