Gwen ha du As I told you recently : I'm going to Brittany in august ! And as I love this place I'm making a blog post out of it (sorry dudes, one more post not directly related to Paris but France...and a little bit to Ireland to as you'll see ;) )

So, first of all : where the hell is Brittanny ? It's in France, west coast (and even if it's "west coast" it's not exactly like LA :) !). On the map below it's the brown/red part surrounded with water ("La manche" on the North shore, which keeps GB apart from the rest of Europe, and the Atlantic Ocean on the South, which separates Europe from...America). There is a red part and brown parts because I wanted to be a little more precise about where I'm going : I'm going in the red part (I know : you had already guessed). This red part is called "Cote d'Armor" and even if the whole Brittany is historically a Celtic nation I like to think that this part is even more Celtic than the rest :)

Cote d'armor (as usual, Paris is more or less in the center of the green dot)

If you don't know anything about the Celtic nation I can give you some keywords to google : Ireland, St Patrick, and Celts ;) (here's the link with Ireland I was talking about at the beginning of this blog post ;) ). Every year in Brittany there is a big meeting where Celts from all over the world gather (Ireland, Brittany, North coast of Spain, ...) and it's definitely worth it...but I'm not going to see it in august ;) (Gotcha here, right ;) ?! You really thought I was going to say something like "and I'm going to see it :p" ?!). In fact in august I'll sail (Brittany is a great great great place to sail, even if it's considered like not an easy place to sail), and I'll rest (a lot !).

I could go on for hundreds of line about Brittany (for example : where in Paris are living people who immigrated from Brittany, or what they drink in Brittany, and so on and so forth), but I'll keep my others ideas for subsequent blog post :) ! So I'll conclude and hope that reading this blog post made you wish to learn a bit more about this cool place (or maybe about the relationships between Ireland and this part of France ? Or maybe about their great greasy cooking and where you can find some in Paris ;) ?)

PS : oh, by the way, the little black&white flag at the very top of this blog post is called "Gwen ha du" and it's the flag of Brittany.