Black Dog I've already talked about a bar I like, but I realized only this morning that one bar is very few (especially as my blog's entitled "Good Spots in Paris" ;) ). So here goes a new little article to introduce you to a special bar I've spent some months to find : a bar where you can listen to metal music !

This bar is the "Black Dog" (I did not translate its name from French, it's really called the "Black Dog" ). In fact the "Black Dog" is a bar AND a restaurant. The "Black Dog" is quite well known in Paris (at least from people who listen to such bands as "Dimmu-borgir", "Children of bodom", or even "Mettalica") so if you get lost searching for it there are quite good odds that asking to people passing by gets you back on track ;)

The bar has a decent amount of beers, but that's not the most important as they serve beverages I used to find only in my world favorite bar which is not in Paris (if you wanna know everything it's the "Troll Farceur" in the city of Rennes, West of France) :

  • Moretum/Hypocras
  • Hydromel
  • Chouchen (even if they write it "Souchen" on their menu)

If you have never drunk any of those, you should definitely try them out ! Of course they also have more common drinks ( "White Russian", "Mojito", "Irish Coffee", Vodka, Tequilla, and so forth and so on ;) )

Regarding the restaurant they have at least one VERY well known dish : "Tant Pis Si j'en Crève" (which I'll have difficulties to translate but should sound a bit like "Hell if I die from it!"), it's basically a ONE KILO piece of meat (35.27 oz). In the same spirit they also serve the "Levrette" (this one is easy to translate : "Doggy style") which is a "light" version of the "Tant Pis Si j'en Crève" as it's only 400g (14oz). As you should have guessed now : their specialties are based on meet (their cuisine is inspired both from Argentina and France).

With this article I hope I saved the trouble I had finding this kind of places in Paris to some of you...and to make the odds a bit higher here's the addres :

26, Rue des Lombards
75004 Paris
Subway station : Châtelet / Les Halles