Key Looking for a flat took quite a lot of my time lately (and it will surely keep taking some in the coming months) and as it really took a LOT of time I posted fewer articles on this blog. Today, as I was still searching for a flat, I realized I could make blog post out of my search :) ! After all, when I look for a flat I definitely go for a walk in the neighborhood (even if I've been living for more than 20 years in Paris there are still some area I barely know) and that would make quite a good post topic, don't you think ?

For this first article about buying a flat in Paris I won't do a specific neighborhood review but I'll just start drawing the big picture. First figure : the average price for a meter square in Paris is 6360€ (which is $833 per sqf). As a comparison :

  • in New-York City it's $1193/sqf
  • in Miami it's...$132/sqf !!! Damn, I've always believed it was a super expensive city O_O
  • Los Angeles is $251/sqf
  • San Francisco is $510/sqf

(all figures for the USA are from here )

Of course this average price includes areas in Paris where I will never ever accept to live (North East of Paris mainly). If we now take a more targeted look the average price in the areas I'd like to live are between 7000€ and 8000€ per meter square (which are $917/sqf and $1048/sqf)...and believe me : it's not the most expensive areas :( (just for fun let me tell you the average price for the center of Paris : 11830€/m² in the area of "Odéon"'s $1549/sqf ...more than 10 times the Miam price :( )

So, what's the conclusion of all this :

  • Living in Paris is very expensive, but don't worry : I know that only very few of you may consider buying a flat in Paris someday, so I'll make a blog post about the price of hostels soon, and the next posts of this serie are definitely going to talk about the spirit of neighborhoods more than about their precise prices ;)
  • I'm not rich enough to buy a decent flat, and as any penny is good to take I added a new ad spot in the left sidebar of my site using this ad network. Who knows, I may earn enough bucks to buy me a coffe some day (if it ever happens I'll let you know ^_^ !)