Jesus Christ Today was a day off. It's a national holiday in France to commemorate the Ascension of Jesus. Lucky us : today was also one of the warmest day of the last pasts weeks so it was VERY pleasant to hang out in the town (and I sure did !). That was the good part of this post ;) For the sad one : I will not blog during the coming days.

Don't worry, "the coming days" means until Monday only :) ! So no reason to freak out. It won't change you a lot anyway as I barely post more than once a week lol. In fact the only thing that changes is this very post :) Usually, instead of this pathetic little post of apology, you should have had a normal post (i.e. longer, with facts and good tips in it). Oh by the way, I apologized about not posting anything interesting instead of this little text but I did not tell you why I haven't the time to post a real thing here. Let's do that :

As we (me and my friends) knew ages ago that this day was holiday we planned a lot of things to do. In fact we planned so many things that I'll have less free time than when I work lol ! By the way I should go to bed now because we have a 48h non-stop planing starting tomorrow, I'd better be in good shape lol.

Once again sorry for this very little thing (at least you'd have learn that the Ascension of Jesus is a day off in France ;) )