Cruise + Lunch While I was just hanging around in the city this afternoon I stumbled upon a guy, dressed as a sailor, standing on a bridge over the Seine, handing flyers away to people passing by (just like me). I read the flyer, found it quite interesting, and therefore decided I would make a blog post out of it :) ! So here goes a blog post for the sailor dressed up guy ;) !


Yeap...25€ :) (something like 33,5us$)

25€ was the reason I found the whole thing interesting :) I guess you must now be wondering "what the hell is he talking about ?", so here's the simple answer : this guy was advertising for a brand new service in Paris which cost 25€. It's a new fly boat called "Paris en Scene" (I won't even try to translate that ^_^) on which you can have a cruise+meal for 25€ !!! It's damn cheap ! Usually if you want to eat on a boat cruising the Seine it will cost you at least something like 75€ (100us$)

Well, of course for 25€ you won't have any expensive French Cuisine (which you have on the usual 75€ boats), here it's more like a fast food thing, but hey it's cool anyway ! Here's how you should see it : cruising on the river Seine is at leat 15€ (20us$), a fast food lunch (drinks included) is a bit under 10€ (13,4us$), you make the addition : quick meal+cruising = 25€ :) ! As simple as that. I think it's crazy no one had thought about starting such a business before :) !!

Moreover the setting of the boat is special. Usually, when you're on your seat, you face the ahead direction of the boat but on this boat the seats are directed toward the sides. With such a setting when you seat and watch straight ahead you see the city whereas on usual boats you would have to turn your head right and/or left to see anything else than the river. I'm sure this is very comfortable when you're eating not to have to turn you head all the time. So cruising on this boat sounds to me like a cool way to see some of the must see spots in Paris : just seat in a comfortable cruising boat and have lunch with your girlfriend :) !!!

Unfortunately the website of this boat is currently offline :( If it had been up I think I would definitely have bought a ticket (and, of course, I would have put a link here, so that you could have made a reservation by yourself if you're interested and plan a trip to Paris). Anyway I'll certainly try this thing out in the coming weeks and keep you informed (maybe it'll make a blog post with photos for once ;) ) so keep tuned to learn more about it :) !