Been a very long time without new articles ! Well, high time for a new one, don't you think ? So here is one, short but sweet :D In fact I recently had a brand new camera (to be honest my old "camera" was my phone, Sony Ericsson w810i, which makes very good pictures..but which is a phone ^^). So I had this brand new camera, and went for a walk (or two :p ) in Paris just to test it, and checking my blog I realized that it's been ages since I posted anything so I decided to make a new article just to show you some of the pics I took.

First one : a garden i really like in Paris (and I must confess it's weird I had not talked about it in my post about spots for a pick-nick) : The "Montsouris garden", in the South of Paris : Montsouris Parc Pretty nice isn't it ? I also have some really good photos of ducks there, but I'll spare you ;)

Second (and Third) picture : The Louvre Museum (once again : weird I had not talked about it in my "must see" article...) Louvre (please notice the moon, I'm pretty proud of it ;) )

Louvre (I guess the kings who lived there at the time liked to see themselves a glamorous way ;) )

Well, that's it for now. I'll try to add new articles very soon (that's a great excuse to use my new camera :) ! I love it, really...Note for myself : make a nice video to post on this blog too ), by the way : sorry for the quality of the pictures, I know they're not as sharp as they should be, I'm just starting to learn how to use my new camera, the next ones will be much better (I hope ;) )

See you soon, and if you would like to have a picture of something in particular in Paris : just ask, I'll be glad to hear :) !