I I often talk to you about good spots in Paris you should go at night but I haven't yet told you how you can go back to your hotel once the normal bus & tube service is over. It's high time to tell you more about this :) !

The first to be shut down are the buses (at about 23h there are no more of them), then at about 1am the metro's shut down too...So how are you going to get home ? You've got 4 big solutions :

Use your feet

Paris at night is quite secured (except for some areas in the North, but anyway it's far from the touristic places ^^) so you can walk home. The only issue is that you may get lost if you don't know Paris, and you won't find many friendly sober Parisian to guide you at this hour so be sure to know where you are going before leaving the pub, and be sure to have a map in your pocket :)


Paris is a touristic town, you will have no problem finding taxis to go back home (well...in fact you may have problems getting one around 1am because a lot of people want to get back home at the very same moment, but you'll always end up getting one :)). Paris is not a very large city, so do not be afraid to take a taxi, you won't be overcharged.


What's a "noctilien" ? It's the name of the night buses :) ! I told you that buses are the first public transports to be shut down at dawn, but that's for the regular lines. Other lines of buses starts at around 2am all over Paris :) Check the maps before going out though because the lines are different during day time and at night, so reaching a club from your hotel with a bus at 10pm does not mean you'll be able to go back to your hotel directly by bus at 5am ;) (you may have to change bus once or twice before reaching your goal)


Velib's are, basically, public bikes :) ! Very useful to get back home at night (if you know the way)...Watch out : they're free of charge only if you use them for less than 30mn, so don't get lost on your way or you'll have to pay a little something :) (by the way : you must have your credit card to take one, they're self service, but a credit card's required). Of course at night be very careful while riding a bike : don't forget that cars might not see you.