BurgerWhen visiting Paris you usually have a lot to see but very little time, and what you do not want to lose time doing is finding your every day food. Although you should definitely spend some time finding a good restaurant to have at least one good meal, you don't have to taste rich French cuisine everyday. Eating a little something quickly not to lose too much time during an intensive sightseeing day sounds like a good idea. That's why I'll teach you what kind of fast food you may find in Paris, and which one it's useless to search.

Let's start with the king of the king : McDonalds. Don't worry, you'll find some without even searching for one ;) The only thing to know about this is, maybe, if you're from the US I've heard that the size of the menus are very different (in fact that the "Maxi Best Of", which is the largest one in Europe, is the size of the smallest one you can find in the US :) ...to check)

The second king : Burger King :) ! ...There are none of those in France. When I say "none" I mean it, there is no burger king in France. There used to be some about 10 years ago, but they're all gones...don't know why. Anyway it's useless to search one.

KFC ? Yes there are some ! Not a lot of them and you may have to search for one in order to find one (not like the McDonalds) but it won't be a vain quest.

Oh by the way, do you know "Quick" ?... I've heard that it's almost unknown out of France whereas in France it's the main challenger for McDonald (I'm not kidding). And do you know the main difference between the two ;) ? McDonald sells Coca Cola, whereas Quick sells Pepsi (that's the official one, and to my personal point of view there are two other differences : Quick's menu are a bit smaller but a bit tastier :) )

What else may you ask ? Well as far as I'm concerned that's all for the big brands BUT there are three other things you must know about fast food in France (and Paris) :

  • Kebabs (which are also called "Grecs" in Paris, which means "Greek") : you can find some very easily ! In Paris you have hundreds of them (well maybe not that much...but plenty of them anyhow) around "Saint Michel" fountain :) It's quite greasy and you have to it with bare hand but well, it's cheap and quite big (and I love the way it tastes !)


  • "Panini" which you usually find within the same area you can find Kebabs in


  • "Jambon beurre", it's not well known but in about every café in Paris you can ask for a "Jambon beurre" (even if it's not written anywhere on the menu), it's a sandwich made of french baguette, ham, and butter, my favorite sandwich ever, I just love it even if it's damn simple :)

Jambon Beurre