Pick Nick BasketSo you've grabbed a cheap trip to Paris on a "last minute" website and want to take the best out of your days in Paris while the weather's still sunny and warm? What about a little pick nick? Many places in Paris are great spots to eat a little something under the sky; the whole thing is just to know them ;)

Parks and Garden.

The best park I know to have a little pick nick is the "Buttes Chaumont". It's a large park with some big old trees, a nice little lake (with a cascade), and you can lay down on the grass as you wish. Is it perfect then? Not exactly. There are two main drawbacks: Firstly it's a bit "in the middle of nowhere" in terms on sightseeing, and secondly it's not a flat park AT ALL (you'd better be in good shape to reach the top of the hills where you have the nicest view for your little pick nick) Buttes Chaumonts

The second "park" any Parisian would talk to you about for a pick nick is the "Champs de Mars". It's not really a park by the way, rather a big lawn besides the Eiffel Tower (so it's not "in the middle of nowhere" ;) ). It's a bit more urban than the "Buttes Chaumont" but as I said it's just in front of the Eiffel Tower (so you can admire it while eating ;)). Moreover you're sure you won't feel lonely there (it's usually crowded from 6pm to 1am when the weather's hot). Champs de Mars

Third park: the Luxembourg garden. Let's put it straight: it's not the best place to have a pick nick in. It's really nice to visit but there's almost no place where you are allowed to lay down on the grass, so you'll have to sit down on chairs to eat and the chairs are on the alley so you'll be disturbed by tourists...anyhow it's still a nice place to visit :) Luxembourg Garden

Other spots

The very end of the Cité island's, west side :) Wonderful view on the Seine river, the Louvre museum, and the "Pont des Arts" bridge. Just magic :) (but usually crowded :() West end of the Cite island

Along the "Canal Saint Martin" (a place you know if you've seen movies such as "Amélie Poulain"), very romantic and old fashion. Canal St Martin

And finally : Almost anywhere on the border of the river Seine :) (no pics for this one ;))

Well I'm quite out of ideas now...anyhow you won't pick nick all the time and it's time to go and visit some "must see" in Paris