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Thursday, April 30 2009

Cute girls in Paris, but where ?

Cute Girl As I told you a handful of weeks ago : spring's coming in Paris. Among the many things I love about Paris in spring & summer time are the sun (the town's even more gorgeous under the sun), the birds (I like to hear them twitter ;) ), the trees becoming green again, and beautiful women everywhere ! Well...everywhere, that's true, but one have to say that there are still some places where you can find a lot more of them than anywhere else, and as I'm definitely a generous guy I decided I'll share my spots with you ;)

I made my first "beautiful girls map" years ago with the help of friends, and now when I look back it I realize I've terribly grown up : many of the spots we marked are excellent spots to pick up chicks...18 yrs old chick :( ! So I updated the map during the past weeks, with the help of Sun's come back, and I will share the two maps with you, so that, whatever age you may be, you'll find what you're looking for ;) !

Of course this map's not exhaustive, and I did not take tourist girls into account (maybe I should have...but with a third category the map would have became hard to read, and if you're looking for places the sexy tourist girls may be just check the must see spots :) ). Well, enought talking, here comes the goods :

Cute chicks in Paris !

Monday, October 6 2008

The Hideout

TavernAs you should know by now there are many pubs and "cafés" in Paris. Some even say there are more than one for each Parisian ;) But yet I haven't talked to you about any of them in Particular. I shall then start by one of my favorite night pub : The "HideOut Odéon" !

First of all its location : 32 rue Dauphine (Dauphine street) in the 6th quarter of Paris. If you remember well what I learned you in the previous posts you should know it's not far from the Latin Quarter (a great area to party) as it's in the 6th quarter. What you may not know is that it's near the river Seine, near the "Pont Neuf" bridge (one of the coolest bridge in Paris according to me), and near "Notre Dame" cathedrale (quite nice to see at night). So to say the least : it's very well located. Moreover it's easy to reach as there are two different lines of métro going there : 4 and 10 (station "Odéon" )

Now the pub itself ! It's a pub, and people are here to have fun and party together, therefore : the music is loud, and you should expect to meet new people :) About the music it's just what you listen at home :) ! Seriously ! long as you are French ;) If you're not French you may hear a couple of songs you don't know, but don't worry, there are still a lot of ACDC, Rolling Stones, ... What about the drinks will you tell me ? I strongly advise you to take beers :) ! The HideOut really looks like a pub, or an old tavern, so beers are definitely the good choice :) (and the cheapest choice, they have 50cl beers at only 3,50€ !!!). If you are such an alcohol lover that beers are too light for, you no problem : they have cocktails (may I suggest rum based cocktails ?)

So, here's the summing up : well located, good ambiance, cheap beverage, good music...All good :) ! Well, not exactly all good. There are some minors drawbacks. The worst of all : it's damn warm in there :( The place is quite small, and often almost crowded, so it's really hot...Second drawback : the music is cool, but loud (as I told you earlier), so you may have troubles speaking with your friends (the ones you went there with, and the ones you'll meet there ;) ). Put aside those drawbacks I highly recommend it (and last bonus point, for smokers : there is a room at the back of the pub for smokers, so you don't have to go smoking outside like in every other pub in Paris, highly appreciable when it's rainy :) )

Saturday, September 27 2008

How do I get home now ?

I I often talk to you about good spots in Paris you should go at night but I haven't yet told you how you can go back to your hotel once the normal bus & tube service is over. It's high time to tell you more about this :) !

The first to be shut down are the buses (at about 23h there are no more of them), then at about 1am the metro's shut down too...So how are you going to get home ? You've got 4 big solutions :

Use your feet

Paris at night is quite secured (except for some areas in the North, but anyway it's far from the touristic places ^^) so you can walk home. The only issue is that you may get lost if you don't know Paris, and you won't find many friendly sober Parisian to guide you at this hour so be sure to know where you are going before leaving the pub, and be sure to have a map in your pocket :)


Paris is a touristic town, you will have no problem finding taxis to go back home ( fact you may have problems getting one around 1am because a lot of people want to get back home at the very same moment, but you'll always end up getting one :)). Paris is not a very large city, so do not be afraid to take a taxi, you won't be overcharged.


What's a "noctilien" ? It's the name of the night buses :) ! I told you that buses are the first public transports to be shut down at dawn, but that's for the regular lines. Other lines of buses starts at around 2am all over Paris :) Check the maps before going out though because the lines are different during day time and at night, so reaching a club from your hotel with a bus at 10pm does not mean you'll be able to go back to your hotel directly by bus at 5am ;) (you may have to change bus once or twice before reaching your goal)


Velib's are, basically, public bikes :) ! Very useful to get back home at night (if you know the way)...Watch out : they're free of charge only if you use them for less than 30mn, so don't get lost on your way or you'll have to pay a little something :) (by the way : you must have your credit card to take one, they're self service, but a credit card's required). Of course at night be very careful while riding a bike : don't forget that cars might not see you.

Sunday, August 31 2008

A night in "Le Marais"

FireworksYesterday night I've been partying a bit with friends, and looking at my blog this morning I thought "hey, there's nothing about partying in Paris yet" so here it comes : a little post about an area in Paris where you can have a great fun :D It's a very well known neighborhood in Paris called "Le Marais" (literally "The Swamp", but make no mistake it stopped being a real one centuries ago :) ).

What's special about Le Marais ? Basically you'll find old small streets and some old houses that used to be owned by nobles...that's for the architecture. What kind of people will you find there ? Well to answer this one I'll just quote one of my best friends (who lives nearby) "welcome in Le Marais, here you'll find gay people, rich people, and jew people. Everything at the same time if possible". You've guessed it La Marais is the most gay/gay-friendly area in Paris, and who says gay says partyyyyyy :D (but don't be afraid : if you're not gay you're very welcome anyhow, as long as there are more men then women in your group ;) ) !

There are many bars, many clubs, and many restaurants all those places crowded with friendly people.

You can also visit the area during day time, then you can sightsee the great architecture, hang out in cool clothes shops, or eat a little something you buy in one of the many bakeries over there.

Oh by the way, I was about to forget telling you where it is :D ! Here's a map :

Le Marais

See the redish area near the center ? That's it :) Moreover it's close to the city hall and to Notre Dame (just in case you don't like the atmosphere you can always fail over one of those two :) ) And if you're afraid of getting lost take the tube (line 1) and get out at station "Saint Paul - Le Marais" you'll be right in the center of it.